ACCOMMODATION | Andorra Bike Race

Official travel agency in Partnership with the Plaza Hotel Group

As the official travel agency of the Andorra Bike Race in Partnership with the Hotelero Plaza Group, Roc Roi offers accommodation rates at a good price with combined nights in Andorra and Pallars Sobirà, since the layout of the stages, first in Andorra La Vella, second with exit in Andorra la Vella -meta in Llavorsí (Pallars Sobirà), and third and last with exit Llavorsí - goal in Andorra la Vella, so requires it.

The organization will be responsible for moving the luggage from one side to another and the displacement to the accommodation once you are in Llavorsí at the end of the stage.

In addition, with Roc Roi, you can complete the package with extra activities for the family, such as Caldea, Cirque du Solei, Rafting and much more.

Do not hesitate to contact and ask for information at:
(+ 37 668 77 34)