LA ELECTRIC | Andorra Bike Race

25, 26, 27 and 28 of July 2019

4 days // 175km // + 5.050m // - 4.800M

After the magnificent experience of the first edition, we know that this test is ideal for anyone to enjoy a few days of fun and full of unforgettable moments. This race is ideal both for amateurs who live the e-bike as a way to make it more affordable to reach places and distances as for the more competitive than in the first edition showed that the competition of e-bikes can be even more extreme than in bicycles conventional

A race with its own identity designed for you to use your pedal streoke and battery.

Dare to ride through the Andorran mountains passes and let yourself be amazed by the spectacular beauty of nature and heritage of the principality.

Wellcome to Andorra

Thursday 25 of Julio 2019

Distance: 15km

Slope: + 150m

Output: Andorra la Vella
Check in: Andorra la Vella

The challenge of vall

Friday 26 of Julio 2019

Distance: 72km

Slope: + 2100m / -2300m

Output: Andorra la Vella
Check in: Llavorsí

* Participants' bags will be transported to the finish area, where runners can shower and dine. After dinner, there will be transportation service to the hotels for all participants.


The conquest of the Pyrenees

Saturday 27 by Julio 2019

Distance: 59km

Slope: + 2700m / -2700m

Output: Llavorsí
Check in: Andorra la Vella

* Participants will be transferred by bus to the exit where they will pick up the bicycles. The bags will be transferred to the finish line on the same bus.


the day of foc i neu

Sunday 28 by Julio 2019

Distance: 37,5km

Slope: + 1250m / -2100m

Output: GrandValira
Check in: Andorra la Vella


The route is provisional and subject to changes according to the needs of the organization.

Amateurs and national and international professionals can participate in Andorra Bike Race. The
participants must be 18 years old on or the first day of race.It is also the responsibility of the
rider to get to the event with the fitness and endurance needed to participate.